1.    Preamble 

TPR India Foundation’s document retention and destruction policy aims to systematically document, review, retain, and destroy documents received or created by TPR India in connection with the transactions of TPR India Foundation’s non-profit activities. It lays down procedures for destruction and retention in addition to the stipulated time period for which the documents need to be retained. This policy is designed to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, to eliminate accidental or innocent destruction of records and to facilitate TPR India Foundation’s operations by promoting efficiency and freeing up valuable storage space. 

2.    Document Retention 

The following table indicates the minimum requirements (time period) for which the following documents would be retained by the organization.

Type of DocumentMinimum Requirement
Articles of IncorporationPermanently
Memorandum of AssociationPermanently
Board meeting minutesPermanently
Email communication3 years

3.    Bank Records

Type of DocumentMinimum Requirement
Bank Statements and Reconciliation5 years
Electronic funds transfer Documents5 years

4.    Accounting and Tax Records

Type of DocumentMinimum Requirement
Annual Audits and Financial StatementsPermanently
Donation Receipts (cash, check, credit card)5 years
Fundraising expense records5 years
Investment Statements5 years

5.    Donor and Grants Records

Type of DocumentMinimum Requirement
Grant Application and Contracts5 years

6.    Legal, Insurance and Safety Records

Type of DocumentMinimum Requirement
Copyright RegistrationsPermanently
Insurance PoliciesPermanently
Trademark RegistrationsPermanently
General Contracts with third parties2 years after termination

7.    Document Destruction

1. Paper or electronic documents indicated under the terms for retention in the above section will be transferred and maintained by the administration and management of the organization. Type of Document Minimum Requirement Annual Audits and Financial Statements Permanently Donation Receipts (cash, check, credit card) 5 years Fundraising expense records 5 years Investment Statements 5 years Type of Document Minimum Requirement Copyright Registrations Permanently Insurance Policies Permanently Trademark Registrations Permanently General Contracts with third parties 2 years after termination Type of Document Minimum Requirement Grant Application and Contracts 5 years  

2. All other paper documents will be destroyed after the given time period.  

3. All other electronic documents will be deleted from all individual computers, databases, networks, and back-up storage after 1 year.  

4. No paper or electronic documents will be destroyed or deleted if pertinent to any ongoing or anticipated government investigation or proceeding or private litigation.  

5. No paper or electronic documents will be destroyed or deleted as required to comply with government auditing standards

8.    Failure

Failure to comply with the policy regarding destruction and retention of documents would result in legal action according to the State laws. The higher management would ensure that all documents are in compliance with new or revised regulations.

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